In the vibrant tapestry of Philippine cuisine, one name that stands out for its commitment to authenticity and innovation is Cibo. A culinary haven that seamlessly blends traditional flavors with modern twists, Cibo has become a go-to destination for those seeking a gastronomic adventure. Join us as we embark on a journey through the unique and diverse Cibo Menu in the Philippines, a culinary masterpiece that captures the essence of both local and global flavors.

cibo menu prices
Restaurant NameCIBO
Location230, Main Wing Shangri-La Plaza EDSA, Corner Shaw Blvd, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila
Delivery Hotline+63286332426
Opening And Closing HoursSunday To Thursday 11 AM–9 PM
Friday & Saturday 10 AM–9 PM
Number Of Categories16


Cibo Menu in the Philippines is not just a culinary journey; it’s a sizzling adventure into a world where flavors dance on your palate. Amidst the diverse and tempting offerings, some dishes have emerged as the hot favorites, tantalizing taste buds and leaving a lasting impression. Let’s uncover the prices of dishes including in this menu.

Starters – Dip

Potato Chips – Solo₱255
Potato Chips – Family 3 Pax.₱455
Spinach Dip – Solo₱385
Spinach Dip – Family 3 Pax.₱675
Spinach Dip – Party 8 Pax.₱1735
Mushroom Dip – Solo₱485
Mushroom Dip – Family 3 Pax.₱845
Mushroom Dip – Party 8 Pax.₱2185
Chicken Liver Pate – Solo₱485
Chicken Liver Pate – Family 3 Pax.₱845
Chicken Liver Pate – Party 8 Pax.₱2185
Starters – Dip

Starters – Melted Cheese Flatbread

Cheese Fondue₱515

Starters – Rustic Crusty Bread

Fresh Tomatoes₱295
Stewed Tomatoes₱295
Sautéed Mushrooms₱355

Panini Sandwiches

Gruyère – Solo₱339
Gruyère – Family 3 Pax.₱595
Gruyère – Party 8 Pax.₱1525
Chicken – Solo₱365
Chicken – Family 3 Pax.₱639
Chicken – Party 8 Pax.₱1645
Mushroom-Truffle Paste – Solo₱419
Mushroom-Truffle Paste – Family 3 Pax.₱735
Mushroom-Truffle Paste – Party 8 Pax.₱1885
Spinach – Solo₱365
Spinach – Family 3 Pax.₱639
Spinach – Party 8 Pax.₱1645
Shrimp – Solo₱479
Shrimp – Family 3 Pax.₱839
Shrimp – Party 8 Pax.₱2155
Grilled Vegetables Basil Pesto – Solo₱309
Grilled Vegetables Basil Pesto – Family 3 Pax.₱539
Grilled Vegetables Basil Pesto – Party 8 Pax.₱1389
Mushrrom Truffle Paste Asparagus – Solo₱399
Mushrrom Truffle Paste Asparagus – Family 3 Pax.₱699
Mushrrom Truffle Paste Asparagus – Party 8 Pax.₱1795
Grilled Eggplant – Solo₱329
Grilled Eggplant – Family 3 Pax.₱575
Grilled Eggplant – Party 8 Pax.₱1479
Mango Jam – Solo₱329
Mango Jam – Family 3 Pax.₱575
Mango Jam – Party 8 Pax.₱1479
Spinach Dip – Solo₱399
Spinach Dip – Family 3 Pax.₱699
Spinach Dip – Party 8 Pax.₱1795
Tuna – Solo₱329
Tuna – Family 3 Pax.₱699
Tuna – Party 8 Pax.₱1795
Sardines – Solo₱329
Sardines – Family 3 Pax.₱575
Sardines – Party 8 Pax.₱1479
Mozzarella Anchovy – Solo₱345
Mozzarella Anchovy – Family 3 Pax.₱605
Mozzarella Anchovy – Party 8 Pax.₱1559
Smoked Salmon – Solo₱479
Smoked Salmon – Family 3 Pax.₱839
Smoked Salmon – Party 8 Pax.₱2155
Salami – Solo₱329
Salami – Family 3 Pax.₱575
Salami – Party 8 Pax.₱1479
Beef Tenderloin – Solo₱479
Beef Tenderloin – Family 3 Pax.₱839
Beef Tenderloin – Party 8 Pax.₱2155
Mushroom Dip – Solo₱449
Mushroom Dip – Family 3 Pax.₱785
Mushroom Dip – Party 8 Pax.₱2025
Smoked Cooked Ham – Solo₱399
Smoked Cooked Ham – Family 3 Pax.₱695
Smoked Cooked Ham – Party 8 Pax.₱1795
Roast Pork Roman-style – Solo₱365
Roast Pork Roman-style – Family 3 Pax.₱639
Roast Pork Roman-style – Party 8 Pax.₱1795
Lamb – Solo₱399
Lamb – Family 3 Pax.₱695
Lamb – Party 8 Pax.₱1795
Chicken Liver Pate – Solo₱399
Chicken Liver Pate – Family 3 Pax.₱705
Chicken Liver Pate – Party 8 Pax.₱1795
Panini Sandwiches


Summer Squash – Solo₱345
Summer Squash – Family 3 Pax.₱605
Summer Squash – Party 8 Pax.₱1559
Mushroom – Solo₱345
Mushroom – Family 3 Pax.₱605
Mushroom – Party 8 Pax.₱1559
Tomato – Solo₱329
Tomato – Family 3 Pax.₱575
Tomato – Party 8 Pax.₱1479
Garden Vegetable – Solo₱329
Garden Vegetable – Family 3 Pax.₱575
Garden Vegetable – Party 8 Pax.₱1479


Palm Heart – Solo₱385
Palm Heart – Family 3 Pax.₱675
Palm Heart – Party 8 Pax.₱1735
Orange Anchovy – Solo₱385
Orange Anchovy – Family 3 Pax.₱675
Orange Anchovy – Party 8 Pax.₱1735
Tuna – Solo₱459
Tuna – Family 3 Pax.₱805
Tuna – Party 8 Pax.₱2065
Beef Tenderloin – Solo₱479
Beef Tenderloin – Family 3 Pax.₱839
Beef Tenderloin – Party 8 Pax.₱2155
Seafood – Solo₱459
Seafood – Family 3 Pax.₱805
Seafood – Party 8 Pax.₱2065
Lamb – Solo₱479
Lamb – Family 3 Pax.₱839
Lamb – Party 8 Pax.₱2155
Grilled Vegetable Salad₱355

Pasta Seafood

Seafood Pesto – Solo₱425
Seafood Pesto – Family 3 Pax.₱745
Seafood Pesto – Party 8 Pax.₱1915
Sardines Fennel – Solo₱365
Sardines Fennel – Family 3 Pax.₱639
Sardines Fennel – Party 8 Pax.₱1645
Shrimp Anchovy – Solo₱425
Shrimp Anchovy – Family 3 Pax.₱745
Shrimp Anchovy – Party 8 Pax.₱1909
Squid Ink Peppers – Solo₱365
Squid Ink Peppers – Family 3 Pax.₱639
Squid Ink Peppers – Party 8 Pax.₱1645
Summer Vegetables Anchovy – Solo₱365
Summer Vegetables Anchovy – Family 3 Pax.₱639
Summer Vegetables Anchovy – Party 8 Pax.₱1645
Seafood – Solo₱405
Seafood – Family 3 Pax.₱709
Seafood – Party 8 Pax.₱1825
Tuna Capers Oliver – Solo₱365
Tuna Capers Oliver – Family 3 Pax.₱639
Tuna Capers Oliver – Party 8 Pax.₱1645
Crabmeat – Solo₱565
Crabmeat – Family 3 Pax.₱989
Crabmeat – Party 8 Pax.₱2545
Shrimp – Solo₱565
Shrimp – Family 3 Pax.₱989
Shrimp – Party 8 Pax.₱2545
Sautéed Seafood – Solo₱385
Sautéed Seafood – Family 3 Pax.₱675
Sautéed Seafood – Party 8 Pax.₱1735
Smoked Salmon – Solo₱435
Smoked Salmon – Family 3 Pax.₱759
Smoked Salmon – Party 8 Pax.₱1959
Seafood Fresh Tomato – Solo₱425
Seafood Fresh Tomato – Family 3 Pax.₱745
Seafood Fresh Tomato – Party 8 Pax.₱1915
Pasta Seafood

Pasta Vegetarian

Garlic Chili Pepper Flakes – Solo₱325
Garlic Chili Pepper Flakes – Family 3 Pax.₱569
Garlic Chili Pepper Flakes – Party 8 Pax.₱1465
Garlic Basil – Solo₱325
Garlic Basil – Family 3 Pax.₱569
Garlic Basil – Party 8 Pax.₱1465
Sautéed Mushrooms Goat Cheese – Solo₱505
Sautéed Mushrooms Goat Cheese – Family 3 Pax.₱885
Sautéed Mushrooms Goat Cheese – Party 8 Pax.₱2269
Porcini Mushrooms Gorgonzola – Solo₱405
Porcini Mushrooms Gorgonzola – Family 3 Pax.₱709
Porcini Mushrooms Gorgonzola – Party 8 Pax.₱1825
Sautéed Mushrooms Basil Pesto – Solo₱435
Sautéed Mushrooms Basil Pesto – Family 3 Pax.₱759
Sautéed Mushrooms Basil Pesto – Party 8 Pax.₱1959
Mozzarella White Cheese Basil – Solo₱499
Mozzarella White Cheese Basil – Family 3 Pax.₱875
Mozzarella White Cheese Basil – Party 8 Pax.₱2245
Mushroom-Tuffle Paste 3 Cheese – Solo₱505
Mushroom-Tuffle Paste 3 Cheese – Family 3 Pax.₱885
Mushroom-Tuffle Paste 3 Cheese – Party 8 Pax.₱2269
Eggplant Parmesan – Solo₱449
Eggplant Parmesan – Family 3 Pax.₱785
Eggplant Parmesan – Party 8 Pax.₱2025
Cibo Mac N’ Cheese – Solo₱539
Cibo Mac N’ Cheese – Family 3 Pax.₱945
Cibo Mac N’ Cheese – Party 8 Pax.₱2429

Pasta – Meat

Sausage Red Peppers – Solo₱539
Sausage Red Peppers – Family 3 Pax.₱945
Sausage Red Peppers – Party 8 Pax.₱2429
Bacon Black Olives – Solo₱365
Bacon Black Olives – Family 3 Pax.₱639
Bacon Black Olives – Party 8 Pax.₱1645
Beef & Pork Ragu – Solo₱369
Beef & Pork Ragu – Family 3 Pax.₱645
Beef & Pork Ragu – Party 8 Pax.₱1659
Braised Beef Ossobuco – Solo₱365
Braised Beef Ossobuco – Family 3 Pax.₱639
Braised Beef Ossobuco – Party 8 Pax.₱1645
Bacon Sautéed Mushrooms – Solo₱495
Bacon Sautéed Mushrooms – Family 3 Pax.₱865
Bacon Sautéed Mushrooms – Party 8 Pax.₱2229
Beef & Pork Ragu – Solo₱465
Beef & Pork Ragu – Family 3 Pax.₱815
Beef & Pork Ragu – Party 8 Pax.₱2095
Salami Asparagus – Solo₱425
Salami Asparagus – Family 3 Pax.₱745
Salami Asparagus – Party 8 Pax.₱1909
Sausage – Solo₱539
Sausage – Family 3 Pax.₱945
Sausage – Party 8 Pax.₱2429
Chicken Liver Pate – Solo₱435
Chicken Liver Pate – Family 3 Pax.₱785
Chicken Liver Pate – Party 8 Pax.₱1959
Beef & Sausage Meatballs – Solo₱469
Beef & Sausage Meatballs – Family 3 Pax.₱839
Beef & Sausage Meatballs – Party 8 Pax.₱2155
Beef & Pork Ragu Bechamel₱529

Margarita’s Mains

Fish Fillet Pan-roasted – Solo₱589
Fish Fillet Pan-roasted – Family 3 Pax.₱1029
Fish Fillet Pan-roasted – Party 8 Pax.₱2649
Salmon Steak – Solo₱879
Salmon Steak – Family 3 Pax.₱1539
Salmon Steak – Party 8 Pax.₱3955
Roast Organic Chicken – Solo₱655
Roast Organic Chicken – Family 3 Pax.₱1145
Roast Organic Chicken – Party 8 Pax.₱2949
Roast Pork Roman-style (120g) – Solo₱695
Roast Pork Roman-style (240g) – Family 3 Pax.₱1215
Roast Pork Roman-style (600g) – Party 8 Pax.₱3129
Grilled Pork Chops – Solo₱639
Grilled Pork Chops – Family 3 Pax.₱1119
Grilled Pork Chops – Party 8 Pax.₱2875
Rib Eye Steak (500g) – Solo₱2195
Rib Eye Steak (1000g) – Family 3 Pax.₱3839
Rib Eye Steak (2500g) – Party 8 Pax.₱9879
Rib Eye Steak Sautéed Mushroom Potato Chips – Solo₱2419
Rib Eye Steak Sautéed Mushroom Potato Chips – Family 3 Pax.₱4235
Rib Eye Steak Sautéed Mushroom Potato Chips – Party 8 Pax.₱10885
Braised Beef Shank – Solo₱665
Braised Beef Shank – Family 3 Pax.₱1165
Braised Beef Shank – Party 8 Pax.₱2995
Sliced Beef Tenderloin – Solo₱665
Sliced Beef Tenderloin – Family 3 Pax.₱1165
Sliced Beef Tenderloin – Party 8 Pax.₱2995
Grilled Lamb Chops – Solo₱1205
Grilled Lamb Chops – Family 3 Pax.₱1915
Grilled Lamb Chops – Party 8 Pax.₱4929
Margarita’s Mains

Rice Sides

Mushroom Rice Pilaf – Half₱99
Mushroom Rice Pilaf – Full₱175
Parsley Rice Pilaf – Half₱89
Parsley Rice Pilaf – Full₱155

Oval Pizza Calzone

Tomato Basil₱539
Parma Ham Arugula₱595
Sautéed Mushrooms₱565
Anchovy Olives Capers₱565
Smoked Cooked Ham₱595
Squash Flowers₱539
5 Cheese₱575
Mushroom-Truffle Paste₱595
Spinach Dip₱595


Tiramisu Croccante₱415
Flourless Chocolate Almon Cake₱365
Chocolate Fudge Cake₱295
Ricotta Cheesecake₱405
Cooked Cream₱259
Fresh Fruits in Season₱289
Gelato – Solo₱139
Gelato – Pint₱559
Gelato Espresso₱319


Regular Brewed Coffee – Hot₱155
Regular Brewed Coffee – Iced₱185
Espresso – Hot₱155
Espresso – Iced₱185
Double Espresso – Hot₱219
Double Espresso – Iced₱195
Milk – Hot₱175
Milk – Iced₱195
Cappuccino – Hot₱175
Cappuccino – Iced₱195
Caffe Mocca – Hot₱175
Caffe Mocca – Iced₱195
Hot Tea₱95
Flavored Tea – Pot for 1₱155
Flavored Tea – Pot for 2₱259
Hot Water Lemon₱65


Classic (Lemon)₱149
Green Apple₱159
Lemon Squash Soda₱199

Fresh Fruit Shakes

Fruits in Season₱209
Fresh Fruit Milk Shake₱239
Orange Juice₱179
Orange Squash Soda₱199
Tomato Juice₱149
Sparkling Water – 250ml₱145
Sparkling Water – 500ml₱215
Aranciata Limonata₱225


DishServing SizeCaloriesProtein (g)Carbohydrates (g)Fat (g)Fiber (g)Sodium (mg)
Truffle Cream Pasta1 serving5001545283800
Quattro Formaggi Pizza1 slice3001230152550
Osso Buco1 serving6002550355900
Caprese Salad1 serving200815122400
Tiramisu1 serving400640251200


Deal NameDescriptionValidity
Pasta MondaysEnjoy any pasta dish at a discounted price on Mondays!Every Monday
Pizza & Wine NightIndulge in a pizza of your choice paired with a complimentary glass of wine.Wednesdays Only
Weekend Family FeastBring the family and get a free appetizer with every order of two main courses.Saturdays and Sundays
Lunchtime Express ComboQuick and satisfying – choose a pasta or pizza with a refreshing drink at a special lunchtime price.Weekdays, 11 AM – 2 PM
Loyalty Card RewardsEarn points for every visit and enjoy exclusive discounts and freebies with our loyalty card program.Ongoing


Truffle Cream PastaXXX
Quattro Formaggi PizzaXX
Osso BucoX
Caprese SaladX

Please note that the “X” marks represent the potential presence of allergens in the respective dishes.



CONTACT: +63286332426


  • Tuesday, 11 AM–9 PM
  • Wednesday, 11 AM–9 PM
  • Thursday, 11 AM–9 PM
  • Friday, 11 AM–10 PM
  • Saturday, 10 AM–10 PM
  • Sunday, 10 AM–9 PM
  • Monday, 11 AM–9 PM


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Truffle Cream Pasta Extravaganza: Elevate your taste buds with Cibo’s Truffle Cream Pasta, a harmonious blend of earthy truffle tones and velvety cream, creating a pasta experience that’s simply indulgent and unforgettable.

Quattro Formaggi Pizza: Immerse yourself in the cheesy delight of Cibo’s Quattro Formaggi Pizza, where four exquisite cheeses dance on a crispy crust, delivering a symphony of flavors that caters to the cravings of every cheese lover.

Osso Buco Rhapsody: Savor the slow-cooked perfection of Cibo’s Osso Buco, where tender veal shank meets a flavorful tomato-based sauce, creating a rich and savory masterpiece that defines the soulful side of Cibo’s culinary offerings.


Cibo’s Truffle Cream Pasta is a tale of indulgence, weaving earthy truffle nuances into velvety cream for a pasta experience that’s nothing short of a culinary love story.

Absolutely! Cibo celebrates solo gastronomers. Our menu offers single portions of our delectable dishes, ensuring everyone can savor the flavors, even when flying solo.

Indeed! Dive into our “Chef’s Playground” section, featuring unique creations that showcase the culinary team’s creativity. It’s where the adventurous palate meets culinary innovation.

Cibo’s Filipino flair is subtle but impactful, reflecting in thoughtful ingredient choices and flavor combinations that pay homage to our local roots while staying true to authentic Italian essence.

Absolutely! Our “Cibo To Go” service ensures you can relish your favorites in the comfort of your abode. Dial us up or check online for a slice of Cibo wherever you are.

    Images and prices source: Official Website

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